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    Metal Traders Limited

    Metal Requirements for Industrial Consumers

    Metal Traders fulfil the needs for metal requirements for industrial consumers by trading with professional institutional markets.

    Among the non-precious group of metals, we have exclusive access to well-known large smelters and refiners for Aluminium, Copper, Iron Ore and Steel.


    Our distinct relationship with aluminium smelters enable us to access ingots, billets, wire rods, slab and alloy ingots. These serve to service the needs of a diverse range of industries such as building & construction, consumer goods, F&B packaging, aviation, automobile and electrical conductors. All production processes comply with international standards of environment and sustainability.


    We are able to source from one of the largest custom copper smelters who also happen to be among the largest copper rod and copper cathode producers in the world. Their products meet the needs of developing smart cities, renewable energy and driving adoption of electric vehicles. The quality of copper is essential to serve various sectors such as electrical, defence, construction and the automobile industries.

    Iron Ore

    Production of pig iron and the use of environment-friendly technology for producing high quality metallurgical coke is the standard of our relationship with Iron Ore processors.



    A wide range of products are available which includes Wire Rods and Ductile, Pig Iron, TMT Bars, Billets and Iron Pipes. These are produced from a range of facilities such as Sinter Plants, Coke Oven, Blast Furnaces, Oxygen Plant, Basic Oxygen Furnaces, Billet Caster, Wire Rod Mill, Bar Mill, Ductile Iron Pipes Plant and a Power Plant.

    Precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

    Through our network of brokers and counterparties, Metal Traders Limited has access to the world’s largest centre of physical precious metals in London. Physical trading happens on a principal to principal basis, often termed as “Over the Counter” trading or OTC.

    The main OTC markets for physical precious metals are as follows:

    London Bullion Market which encompasses institutions trading gold and silver as “market-making” or “ordinary” members of the London Bullion Market Association.

    The London Platinum and Palladium Market which encompasses platinum and palladium traders.

    The London Metal Exchange whose members trade Ferrous metals (such as Steel),  Non-Ferrous metals (such as Aluminium, Copper, Zinc and Nickel), Minor Metals (such as Cobalt and Molybdenum) and Precious Metals (such as Gold and Silver).

    Why choose Us

    Direct Relationship

    Metal Traders Limited have direct relationship with producers and commodities traders and can offer a tailor-made bespoke service to customers. This means we are able to source products, services and expertise without any middlemen bureaucracies.

    London Based

    We are based in London which is the world’s largest and oldest centre for foreign and commodities trading houses and exchanges.

    English legal system

    All our trade is conducted in accordance with English Law and within the English legal system that leads the world in property rights, contract law and jurisprudence.

    The English language also provides an unparalleled advantage for the trade in commodities and contract law.

    We are fully insured, fully qualified, and only employ qualified staff.

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